Who’s doing the training!?

Something sled dogs loath more than cats: heat and humidity! So, on these hot Minnesota days, we give the dogs a reprieve by moving them into the cool barn stalls. Sounds easy enough, but when sled dogs get excited, they’re almost uncontrollable. We’ve been pulled to the ground more than once, lost dogs, and I’ve broken all of my fingernails and had one toenail get ripped off! We began wondering… was heat really all that bad?┬áThen all at once, the canine heavens opened up and a revelation came upon us. Since there’s no questioning the intelligence of the dogs (except for dizzy DJ and poop-eater Jack) we wondered if they would run to their own stall if food awaited. Bingo! When we released them from their chains, they ran right to their stall to eat! We’re not sure if we trained them or they trained us but since we’re still rookies, we’ll take any credit we can get!

Iditarod Identicals!

After watching the Berington twins on HGTV’s Living Alaska, we wrote to Anna and Kristy and told them about their uncanny resemblance to our twin daughters. With an Alaskan trip already in the works for us, they offered to meet our girls. And not only did they meet – Anna took our girls dog mushing at her kennel! Identical twins with thick hair and a love of dogs; a connection couldn’t be helped. Our girls left Alaska with Iditarod dreams. And just recently, they’re beginning to come true! The Berington twins have asked our girls to come to Alaska for the opening ceremonies of the Iditarod Race – riding with them during the ceremonial start through the streets of Anchorage! Present Iditarod identicals pulling the future ones? Alaska 2015, here we come – HIKE!

For more about Kristy and Anna, visit: seeingdoubledogsledracing.com