Meeting HGTV’s “Living Alaska” twin & Iditarod racer!

Anna Berrington, recently on HGTV’s Living Alaska, graciously invited us to her dog kennel in Wasilla, Alaska. Unfortunately, her twin sister Kristy, who lives in Kasilof (near the Funny River wildfire) could not join us. Guess we’ll have to do some photoshopping;) Anna gave us a complete tour of the kennel – introducing us to the fifty-some dogs while answering all of our rookie questions. She then offered to take Carlie and Chloe out on a dry-land training run! I knew right then, it was going to be a highlight of our trip! The girls helped Anna harness and hook up the team of eleven dogs and then the three of them hopped on the ATV and sped off through the forest.- It gets better. Anna’s kennel is located along the traditional Iditarod Trail! So… the girls got to spend time with a three-time iditarod racer and run with her Iditarod dogs – on the Iditarod Trail!!! Best of all, my twins got to meet another down to earth twin that followed her dreams and chose her own path. A path that led to the most ruggedly beautiful place on earth – Alaska. I better start saving my frequent flyer miles now 🙂