Beargrease 2015

What to do on a Sunday afternoon in January? – Drive to Two Harbors for the 2015 John Beargrease dog sled race of course! The first thing that impressed us this year was the behind-the-scene event. From the starting gate, the teams take off at two minute intervals so watching the teams get into formation was crazy! In a photo below, you can see, the dogs are SO excited, it takes an ATV to hold each team back – along with approximately six-eight dog handlers. The John Beargrease race usually begins in Duluth but with the lack of snow, it started in Two Harbors this year – winding up the Gunflint Trail and ending back near Duluth. You can track the racers via GPS so we’ve been cheering on our friend Rita from Stoney Creek Kennels, who sold us our team of dogs! And the second thing that impressed us; the number of girls running the race – over half in the mid-distance!

Beargrease starting line


Rita! The lady who sold us our team of dogs!

Rounding the first bend

Seeing young girls like this gives my girls confidence!

All smiles!

Starting gate

Even in mushing… some dogs resemble their owners 😉

This was incredible – it takes a four wheeler to hold the team back from the starting gate. That’s how excited the dogs are to pull!

Winner of last year’s Beargrease & the Iditarod rookie of the year – Nathan Shroeder

Pano of the event