Thanksgiving turkey & mush!

This Thanksgiving, we were thankful for snow! With the kids all home, we enjoyed an early turkey dinner together, then took two teams of dogs out for a run. We’ve learned, the first time out is always an embarrassing adventure. Within the first 100 yards, we asked each other, “do they know they’re sled dogs?” It was as if the millennia of purposeful breeding had vanished from their cells. They crossed lines, tried to turn under fences, and they looked back at us with confusion over “gee” and “haw.” But… we carried on – hitting ruts and trees and one of returning bloody. (Eh hem, husband).  By the third run around the loop, some sort of Alaskan synaptic sense vaguely started to snap. But, with the team out of shape, we couldn’t risk mushing any further and have eight cardiac arrests on our hands. With fresh straw and water, we tucked our pudgy pals in their doghouses for the night. The next day proved to be better though! The dogs must have had Iditarod dreams because they awoke eager to run and pull and even obey commands! Now… hike it up Minnesota – we need about 4 feet of snow and we’ll be VERY thankful!

Pearl in the lead! Our only “in-shape” sled dog!

Mushing through the marsh