Perfect Pearl from Alaska

Born on Pearl Harbor day, meet “Pearl” – our newest, and possibly sweetest, sled dog! Arriving early Saturday morning, (*read previous blog) we brought her home to meet the family, then took her out to her new dog-yard at Winter Wind. She immediately bonded with Darby – our other newest female that hasn’t quite fit in with the other dogs yet. It was so cute to watch them happily play, almost like they’d finally been reunited! Since the male dogs seemed TOO excited about Pearl, we decided to keep Darby and Pearl in the barn kennel together for the night. The next day, we introduced Pearl to the team in the large running area. She was definitely popular with the boys but she held her own and didn’t tolerate their advancements. Pearl also seems to have taken to my husband – running when he calls her and even jumping right into his arms! We already adore Pearl and feel that she’s and awesome addition to our now team of eight! A huge thanks to the Berington twins in Alaska who lovingly trained Pearl and have now entrusted her to us. We will do our best to care and lavish her with attention – and I don’t think it will be too hard 😉


Dog Yard – with Pearl standing on her new house


Pearl and her new bestie, Darby!


Somebody has bonded with Pearl!


Darby and Pearl – having a sleepover in the barn.


The boys – eager about the new girl.


The college kids playing with Pearl and Darby 🙂

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