Finding a Pearl

After months of talking to the Berington twins in Alaska about acquiring a dog from their kennel, we finally decided on Pearl – a female that ran in the Iditarod Race the previous year. She had the ability to run lead and we liked that she was smaller in size – with our girls just starting to race this year, smaller works well for handling. And so, Pearl’s red-eye flight was booked, we built her a house, and eagerly waited her arrival. Maybe TOO eagerly. On the morning I thought she was arriving, we headed to the airport at 5:00am. Of course, the girls insisted on coming along. I wasn’t quite sure what Delta door to go to so I parked and we quickly ran in to check. Sometimes dogs arrive in the oversized baggage area but there were no dogs there. Claim agents scrambled to track her. Police then got involved because I was parked illegally. Thankfully, they sympathized over my missing dog & gave me a break – telling other officers not to ticket the red car! Eventually, it was determined that she went to the cargo bay near terminal two. I drove there and of course, get lost. We wound up in a private parking lot where security had to come and get me out… but they too had compassion over our lost dog. Finally at the cargo dock; no dog. Everybody at Delta seemed to be looking for Pearl. Knowing it’s the middle of the night in Alaska, I reluctantly call one of the Berington twins. I first apologize for waking her, then break the news that Pearl’s lost. All eyes from the cargo crew watch my reaction. I hesitantly reply,”Ohhh… not until TOMORROW morning?” I look up, smile, and say, “Oops!” Be back tomorrow!

Mental note: a red-eye flight arrives the NEXT day! haha. IMG_0017

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