The “puppy love” of a sled-dog.

Sled dogs are working dogs. Bred into them for hundreds of years; the intrinsic desire to pull and run and follow commands. And what we’ve found to be even truer than those primal instincts; the ability to love their owner – uniquely apart from than any other dog breed. We have pet dogs that love us for ear-scratching, soft doggie beds, and food that “accidentally” falls from the cutting board. But our sled-dogs look to us for an entirely different reason that’s actually so basic, it’s hard to describe. Their love and loyalty is quite honestly an amazing thing to experience. We are looking forward to going into our first full winter with this team! If you’re interested, here’s a link to a short article about sled-dogs that’s pretty good: Hike!


Playing with the dogs in the fenced running area – getting kisses from Eddie.

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