“Winds” of Change.

We just recently moved the team to a new home at the beautiful Winter Wind farm! With wonderful facilities and acres of rolling land to run the dogs, we are already imagining picturesque dog sled rides in a month or two. They say it takes a village to raise a child… well, I’ll say from experience – it takes 3 generations to move a team of sled dogs! Thankfully, we were blessed with another fantastic fall weekend – enabling us to set up quicker than anticipated. Holes dug & poles concreted in, fences mended & branches trimmed, old manure shoveled out & the barn swept up, fridge delivered & stocked with bags of cubed meat, dog houses set in place… & finally – dogs brought in! The team seemed to instantly like their new surroundings, with the only surprise being – both females in heat! – a situation that throws everyone into chaos! Helloooooo Winter Wind; we have arrived! 😉

Noses out… smelling their new home!

Happy pups

Recently discovered that a major sled dog meat supplier happens to be located in Rochester. 35 cents/pound for 10lb, cubed & packaged meat! Freezer & fridge full 🙂

Our manure shoveling three amigos.

Awesome fenced trail leading to the pasture & acres of land to sled upon!