Something’s in the air.

On a country road with seven excited sled dogs, it’s true – many things are in the air. The overwhelming element however; pure excitement! Excitement stemming from the bloodlines of long ago Alaskan ancestors, triggered by a change in weather and an all-knowing sense of what that means. To the dogs, what they live for is about to begin and they know it – a genetic urge to run and pull and please. We’d never known a sled dog before we owned a team – I mean, really KNOWN. We have pet dogs – dogs that  protect us from the UPS man, sit in our laps during movie night and stare for hours in amazement at Christmas bulbs on the tree. Pet dogs. Sled dogs on the other hand, are a different breed – almost a different animal altogether. And because we are getting to know them for what and who they are, it’s totally cool for us to see their natural instincts kick in! Our first fall run went well today. With a few plump dogs from a summer of too many treats, we took it slow this morning and ran them a short distance down a country road – three dogs pulling a dry cart and four dogs pulling a four-wheeler. They all did great! And so it begins… our next adventure into our first full winter with sled dogs and possibly even…racing! Hike!

IMG_9641 IMG_9645 IMG_9653 IMG_9657 IMG_9662 IMG_9673 IMG_9674 IMG_9676 IMG_9681

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