Midsummer dreams – of winter?

The other day, a text from my husband read, “Man, I miss winter.” Funny – most people live here for Minnesota summers! But, this phenomenon has entered our lives; sled dog ownership. We were warned about how it could take over – but we never thought. Never thought we’d become so attached, never thought we’d really get to “know” the dogs, and really never thought that we’d be longing for winter in the middle of July. The silent trail calls out to us – to all of us. It’s the craziest thing! As a family, we look forward to running the dogs – for us and for them. But for now, as the harnesses hang nice and dry, we wait… brush, feed, play – and enjoy the time to know the team more each day.

And as we wait… BIG things are unfolding – like IDITAROD big! More details to come!



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