Balancing the Act of Childhood

Finding balance. We hear adults say it all the time; but what about children? How do kids find their equilibrium in this e-world? Electronics, as positive as they can be, can also be destructive to developing minds. We all know this. Children have an innate urge to experience the abundance of life. To run, climb, swim, smell, catch; experience. But the pull of technology can cause a synapsis firing in the brain that tricks them into thinking they’re satisfied by media. Do I have proof of this? Yes, I’m a parent. When my kids are outdoors (or practicing gymnastics on top of dog houses), they’re more content, peaceful, and do better with their studies. And perhaps because I’m still somewhat of a child at heart – continuing to love the experience of life, it’s important for me to see my children live and love life. And guess what – it’s not hard to do! The inquisitive wiring is already there! Sometimes it just needs a little sparking. Spending some active time in nature, observing creation, breathing in fresh air… floods the soul with nutrients to be craved. And more than that; releases the tractor beam of those electronic toxins!

Go. Experience. Live. Mush!!!

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