The Makings of a Dog Yard

May in Minnesota and the ground finally thawed! We came across a really good deal on swivel poles from another dog kennel so our first order of business was hole-digging. “We” meaning, my husband and father. Since the dog yard is on a farm, rocks in the ground were pretty menacing obstacles. Quickly needing bigger and better tools for the job, a power hole digger was purchased – which often spun out of control, resulting in bruises and sore muscles for a few days. Boys. When the poles were all installed, we started on the dog houses. Thank God for youtube! Seven sheets of plywood, a few 2×4’s and two gallons of paint equated to approximately $40 dollars per house. We painted the houses red to match the dog trailer and my car – not sure why. I also added a bonus touch with their names painted on each house – because… they can read? 😉 Oh well, fashion points. With all of the dog houses in the yard and full of straw, we hooked the dogs up and we could tell they felt right at home – all smiles and wagging tails. Next quest, serious dry land training – stay tuned!


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