The Vision of a Teacher

The Vision of a Teacher

When our twins were in first grade, I stopped by their elementary school for lunch and recess. While we were out on the playground, the recess monitor marched over and asked me if I would ask the girls to stop making all of the other kids pretend to be their sled-dogs. Apparently, my girls were “mushing” the other children – making them run on their hands and parents were complaining about mittens being worn out! We had no idea! Fast forward two years. At ten years old, the playground mushing had stopped, but the dogsledding intrigue hadn’t – and their third grade teacher took notice. If a child is lucky enough, they will come across a special teacher with an insight into their soul; this teacher was that visionary for my girls. She encouraged the uniqueness of their characters and one day, surprised my girls with a book called “Born to Pull.” Today, three years later, I pulled the book out and as we read through it again, we found her hand written note inside the pages. What a treasure. A reminder to not only follow your own dreams, but encourage others to follow theirs as well! Thank you Mrs. Laubach!

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