New sled-dog + a bonus!

A few weeks ago we learned that a highly acclaimed dog musher was selling his entire kennel, including 50+ dogs. We drove up north to check out his dog sledding equipment and were surprised to hear that all of his dogs sold within one week! When I asked him if it had been difficult, he told me that it hadn’t been because he’d recently been so successful at winning races. I said, “no… I mean, was it difficult for you to get rid of your dogs.” He stopped for a second, drifting into a thought, then answered, “there was this one dog…his name was Asland” and with a glisten in his eye he added, “he was my best dog ever.” The strong musher quickly changed the subject but it was too late, I already caught a glimpse into his heart. I knew that Asland must have been special – but I’ve also come to realize that sled-dogs just have a unique way of taking hold. Several days later, I called the lady that we’d gotten our team from and mentioned that we wanted more dogs. She asked me if we’d be interested in buying a female dog that was in the process of being bred with her new male dog… Asland. What are the odds! It was too coincidental – we couldn’t pass it up! We picked up beautiful, sweet, (pregnant) Darby today. Honestly, we already love her.
*Stay tuned – puppies in June!