And…that’s a winter wrap.

Although the snow is quickly disappearing near the Twin Cities, the last weekend in March didn’t look like much like spring in Northern Minnesota! We all had such a fun snowy spring break in the BWCA! Before heading home, we took the dogs on one last ride near the Boyscout camp in Ely. The trails to Flash Lake and Snowbank Lake were gorgeous – rolling hills, blue skies, and fresh bobcat tracks everywhere! And the dogs performed perfectly; following commands and pulling like champs. We’re really getting to know the personalities of each dog and it’s been fun having them warm up to us more each day. We feel like we really hit the jackpot with this team – such a perfect fit for our family! As I sit and write this blog, the snow if falling outside but I know it’s just a tease. It will most likely be another eight months before we can run the dogs on snow again. One of my girls actually said, “I smell grass; that’s sad.” Haha! This winter was the 5th coldest in history and it’s been our best winter ever – which just goes to show, it’s what you make of it!  *Stay tuned for our upcoming dryland training – count on mishaps 😉