“You’re crayzzeee!” vs. “YOU, are crazy.”

When we decided to buy sled dogs and become suburban mushers, it was amazing how many people made the same comment in a different way. Some said, “you’re crayzzeee!” in a genuinely intrigued kind of way, while many responded with a monotone semi-sacrcastic, “YOU, are crazy.” Thankfully, as our track record reflects, we’ve never cared much about what people think! And guess what, I think it’s been a big benefit to our kids. Because we haven’t been afraid to try new things, the world has been a pretty cool place to experience. We have embraced the seasons of life, known failure, been grateful for the gift of patience, and have felt the reward of hard work. With dogsledding in particular, we’ve understood the beauty of silence and have had our hearts be stilled in the white wonder of God’s creation. So yeah, our new adventure is crazy. We’re glad to own the label! Don’t be afraid! Hike!