Method of Travel? Dogsled!

For our first trip into the Boundary Waters with our own team of dogs, we decided to go to the Hegman Lake entry point in Ely. It’s said that there are some of the best Native American pictographs to view on the cliffs of the lake so we were hoping to find them. The first portage onto South Hegman was picturesque with enormous pine trees lining the trail. There was a fairly steep decline onto the lake so we walked the dogs down and did fine. Going across the first lake was smooth until we approached the second portage and our lead dog (Fast Eddie) kept wanting to turn around. We soon found out why – a foot of slush ahead from the trickle of an incoming stream. Not knowing the lake, it was a little scary. We pushed through and went over the second portage and onto North Hegman where the pictographs were located. The thing about venturing out to see pictographs in the winter though – everything is covered in snow! Just before the lake narrowed, we made the call to turn around and head back. Later we found out that the pictographs were in the narrows! We were so close! We thought about going out again the following day but the temperatures rose and we didn’t want to risk it. Looks like we’ll be seeing the pictographs by canoe this summer!

ImageVenturing out onto Hegman Lake

ImageAre there pictographs here? No.ImageGiving some love to our lead dog who did a good job getting us through slush!

DSCF4537Beautiful portages that must be experienced to fully appreciate! 🙂





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