Hike!-To the dogsled capitol of the world!

Just when we thought our season of dogsledding days were numbered, the mushing stars aligned once again for us. With piles and piles of unseasonable snowfall blanketing northern Minnesota, we set our compass (Auto Nav) to Ely, MN. – the dogsled capitol of the world. After such a long winter, everybody else headed south for spring break and our kids were just as excited to go north! Okay fellow Minnesotans, this is my confessional; it’s been me all along!- Praying for continued snowfall to serve my mushing addiction! Not saying that I’m favored by God, but wow, we’ve had a lot of snow. Just sayin;) Oops, veered off trail a bit- back to the story. Well, we hadn’t yet traveled overnight with our team of dogs but what could possibly go wrong? – I mean, we’ve got six weeks of experience under our belts! Actually, therewas a bit of prep work involved for five days away. Food was a big thing – 1 pound of fresh meat plus one cup of dry food for each dog per day. Thankfully, FurEver Wild (where we board the dogs) supplied us with plenty. With the dogs sleeping in the dog box, we filled the boxes with hay to keep them warm. During the day, mushers hook each dog up to a picket line and provide them hay to lay on. Thank you, Mushing for Dummies, for that info. 😉 We ran our line from the trailer to a tree – stupidly giving the end dog enough space to chew off the wires to the trailer lights. Books can’t teach everything – mush and learn I guess. Then there’s all the extra’s to remember – sleds, ropes, lines, booties, snow hooks and duplicates of everything. The dogs did well on the five-hour drive, stopping once for each of them to pee five times. With such a change in environment, you’d think that the dogswould be nervous but I think it’s quite the opposite. It seems like they can sense upcoming adventure and in the midst of the wilderness, they feel alive. BWCA, here we come!




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