Getting into the mushing groove

Getting into the mushing groove

It’s been two weeks now since we’ve owned our six sled dogs! Our first couple of experiences on the trail were somewhat embarrassing, but our run on the lake yesterday went very smooth. I was impressed as we all worked seamlessly as a team without even realizing it; the kids harnessed dogs and straitened lines while my husband unloaded and hooked up sleds. I of course, took my job seriously as resident photographer. Documentation is very important 😉 The dogs ran nice and steady on the trail – this time, without trying to pass the other sled too much. We still need to figure out how to turn the teams around without ending up like a big ball of tangled Xmas lights – but I’m guessing we’ll get there… puppy steps right? I’ve also noticed a cool groove happening when we go to the barn to feed the dogs. As I cut meat and prepare bowls of food, my girls play with each dog and automatically clean up their kennel areas. It appears that as our transition as owners takes shape, the dogs are learning to trust – and even love us!

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