Feeling Silence

Continuing with our quest to embrace the Minnesota winter, we were drawn to yet another dog sledding adventure. We weren’t quite sure what the alure was, but it kept us coming back for more. After we’d thoroughly had a day of fun zipping over portages, fishing on the ice, and eating lunch over a fire in the wilderness, the day (and our energy) wound down. The late afternoon sun set low in the sky and we methodically began the journey back to where we’d begun. Our girls had become quite skilled at mushing so they led their own team of dogs out. As we cut through a forest passage, I watched ahead as each girl balanced naturally on one ski. One stared ahead while the other gazed back – As if they were listening to something. They were not listening to an iPod, talking on the phone, or even speaking words to one another… they were just feeling the rare sound of silence. And when I calmed my mind, I heard it too. With only the background noise of breathing dogs and the sled moving over the snow, the entire world seemed to mute. I tuned in to the falling snow and looked up in wonder at the magnificent pines. My soul stilled and my heart opened to the creator of it all. The feeling of silence; what a wonderful alure.